Universal Rooting

Simple methods to gain root permissions for your Android device. Each method has a wide range of compatible devices and all of them are very safe to use.


Several useful hacks that can be done with just your Android device. These hacks show how to hack wireless networks or even how to hack to Google Play Store. (For educational purposes only)


Great tips and tricks to greatly boost the performance or your Android device to avoid freezing and lagging. Even ways to prolong your device's battery life.

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How to Hack Android Games without Root Permissions!! (Works with Temple Run!!)

Hey guys this article is for all you Android users that either have Android devices that cannot be rooted due to boot loaders or other technical difficulties or those of you that just don’t want to take the small risk of rooting your Android device but still want to do the cool things rooted Android

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How to Hack WiFi PASSWORDS with Android (NO ROOT NEEDED!!)

Hey guys Hackdroid here again.  I know its been a while since I updated my site but I’m back and I plan on making some changes.  As some of you may already know I been having issues on and off with YouTube where all the Hackdroid official episodes are posted for you guys to see

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Hack WiFi Using JUST Your Android Device!!

Hey guys this article is for all you hackers out there that would like to be more mobile.  Or just for the fellow Android users that would like to have a little fun with their home network or a friends wireless network.  This is not for use though on a wifi network that you don’t

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New Universal Rooting Method for Android!! No PC Needed!!

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Are you tired of watching all your friends do all these cool tricks and hacks with their Android devices because they are rooted while your sitting on the sidelines with your Android because you don’t have a computer to root your device with??   Are you tired of how slow your phone or tablet is

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How to run Windows XP on Android *Speed Modified*

  In today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to run Windows XP on any Android device.  Now I know that this is not exactly new news and its been done before but there has always been a major speed issue with running Windows on an Android device.  A compact Android device was not

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How to HACK and MOD almost ANY Android Game *INCLUDING ONLINE GAMES*

    Hello fellow Android gamers.  Have you ever wanted to hack or mod an online game like Clash of Clans or wanted to hack a game but to nervous to use the freedom hack because of the legality issues involved?  Well now you can hack online games and just about any other Android game

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