The EASIEST Way to Root Almost ANY Android Device Without a Computer!!

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Want to root your android device but do not have access to a pc??  Or do you just want to root your device without having to go through a million and one steps and require you to be a expert to understand??  Well this is probably the most easiest way to root most android devices and one of the safest ways as well.  Still as a warning there is still a possibility to “brick” or break your device even though its not extremely common so use this tutorial at your own risk.

Step by step: 1. Enable usb debugging mode in settings under developer options.

2. Download and install Ministro II ( After installation you will notice that there is no option to open the app but don’t worry you wont need to its only necessary for downloading the libraries for the app that does the job of rooting the device.

3. Do a Google search for Poot apk or Poot-debug apk. I will post a link but the links sometimes change so if in the future it doesn’t work just Google it cause there are many links to this app it is very popular. After you find a copy download it than Install it.

Poot-debug.apk -

4. Open Poot app once its installed and allow Ministro to download the libraries. Once they are downloaded the app will run and all you have to do is press poot. The app will root the device and you will be ready for the last few finishing touches.

5. Download and install Superuser by ChainsDD - There is a different version of a similar app by another developer I wont mention names but the actual app is named Superuser as well. That particular Superuser is not exactly user friendly for those without the experience in Linux or Android so it would be my recommendation for those of you that aren’t the most familiar with android and Linux to use Superuser by the developer ChainsDD. Its far easier to just update the binary with this one. After the app is installed open it. There will be a notification that pops up on the screen asking if you want to allow Superuser to have administrator access to your device make sure you allow it and that the box to remember that choice is checked or it will not work properly. Swipe to the left of the screen to show the Info options. Press where the update binary button is and it will first check which version su binary you have which should be outdated and a button will appear on the bottom of the screen to update. Update the binary and thats it. The device is rooted!!

But wait how do you know for sure its rooted?? Easy there is an app called Root Checker - that will allow you to check weather or not its rooted at the press of a button. Easy right??

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2 thoughts on “The EASIEST Way to Root Almost ANY Android Device Without a Computer!!

    • Im sorry you are having difficulty rooting your device. And im sorry to inform you also but error 18 generally means that the device you are trying to root with the poot application isnt compatible. If you dont have access to a pc to use the device specific rooting method be sure to check out the several other rooting methods that dont require the use of a computer to complete here on They each have a wide range of compatible devices and are very safe to try. Even if your device is incompatible only an error message will display instead of risking the integrity of the device. If you would like to read more about the other rooting methods here on you can find them at the link listed below.

      you can also find the tutorial videos for each of these rooting methods on my youtube channel (please subscribe!!)

      If you have access to a pc and would like to root your device using the device specific rooting method i can assist you with that as well but ill need to know the specifics of your device. Ill need to know the brand, model, and firmware version (can be found in the settings under about device) If you want my assistance with this method be sure to email me at this is the hackdroid technical support email and ill be able to assist you in a more timely manner.

      Once you gain root permissions also be sure to check out the rest of to learn more about unlocking your android’s full potential with special applications and tricks to do things like boost performance, prolong battery life, tether the internet from your phone to any wireless device for free, even hack the google play store for free in-app purchases, and so so much more!!

      Thanks and good luck!! be sure to email me at if you need anymore assistance with anything android!!

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